Please send a direct email to regarding services 


You are considered booked when your contract/depsosit is confirmed.A quote is NOT a contract. 

Saturdays in May and October are the busiest. 


We do NOT work with Airbrush Makeup. We prefer the traditional method of applying makeup. 

Minimum rate is dependant on the date (holiday/Saturday/month/artist


After the minimum is booked, estimate $90.00-$95.00 per person for makeup services & $90.00-$100.00 per person for hair. 


We DO offer hair services with partnering hairstyists starting at a minimum that incudes 3 women on location. We are NOT able to provide consultations on Saturday/Sundays during the busy season. 

We recommend your trial run 3-4 months before your wedding day. 

We are not a storefront or work at a studio from day to day...we have an office space available for consultations only. 

Trial run rates: 

 Makeup: $100.00 

Hair: $100.00