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Please send a direct email to regarding services. 


A few quick basics. 

Book now. Blush Artists book 8-16 months out during the busy months. (May, September, October) 

We do NOT work with Airbrush Makeup. We prefer the traditional method of applying makeup. 

We DO have a minimum rate for wedding bookings. Please inquire.($450-$550) pending on date/artist

After the minimum is booked, estimate $90.00-$95.00 per person for makeup services. 

We DO offer hair services with partnering hairstyists starting at a minimum that incudes 4 women on locatoin. 

We are NOT able to provide consultations on Saturday/Sundays during the busy season. 

We recommend your trial run 3-4 months before your wedding day. 

We are not a storefront or work at a studio from day to day...we have an office space available for consultations only. 



An experienced artist is what you want. One that has worked numerous weddings, trained, & has experience with makeup for photography. Look at their portfolio & training. Ask your artist what makeup brands are in their kit. Cheaper is not always better.

Always remember...THIS IS YOUR WEDDING DAY. 


Hire your makeup artist as soon as possible after you have nailed down your date.  An inquiry is not a solid booking, and we are not able to hold any dates due to numerous inquiries each day.  A recommended artist gets booked 8-16 months in advance for the most popular weekends. Memorial Day Weekend & Saturdays in May/October are the first to book each year! 


An everyday makeup application won’t last longer than your first dance. A trained artist knows the tricks of the trade to keep your makeup looking flawless until that last sparkler goes out and you are out the door! Why not feel like a princess and be treated like a super star on your wedding day!

I won’t regret it. 

*Makeup Trial runs at the Blush Studio are $85.00.


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